Emily Carter

Emily manages the trustee program for Charles Taunt in his capacity as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court Trustee.  She is responsible for review and analysis of the case materials, preparation of pre-hearing reports for the Trustee, attendance at court hearings, preference and asset recovery programs, asset liquidation and follow-up through final closure and disposition of thousands of files annually.  She maintains accounting and banking files for non-exempt assets during the administration process and prepares final accounts which upon court approval serve as a bases for payment to creditors.

Emily has a background in estate planning and administration and probate court proceedings. She works closely with clients in their estate planning and assists in the preparation of wills and trusts and financial and medical powers of attorney, as well as aiding in the ongoing administration and accounting including cases where a professional is the acting trustee.  Emily assists in probate court proceedings, including decedent estates, conservatorships, and guardianships, such as meeting with analysts to open or close cases and accounting for assets and expenses sometimes over a span of many years.

Emily conducts investigative research using on-line court and public information databases as well as electronic legal research. With her superb organizational skills, Emily maintains historical data on hundreds of current and past clients auditing for updates as tax and probate law evolves. Emily’s previous employment with the late Gerald J. Carnago in his law firm and accounting firm gave her experience in a wide range of legal, accounting and tax matters for various types of entities.

Emily graduated Summa Cum Laude with her A.S. in Paralegal Studies from Macomb Community College.