Collision Course: Protecting Against Bankruptcy’s Impact in Other Practice Areas

On May 9, 2019, attorney Dean Nelson was a member of a panel discussion hosted by the Oakland County Bar Association and Consumer Bankruptcy Association titled Collision Course:  Protecting Against Bankruptcy’s Impact in Other Practice Areas.  Moderated by Chief Bankruptcy Judge Phil Shefferly, Dean and three other panelists discussed various related topics in an event attended by over 70 bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy lawyers and other professionals.  Dean spoke on topics such as effective ways to ensure application of collateral estoppel to state court judgments in bankruptcy proceedings; a chapter 7 trustee’s role in assessing and pursuing state law causes of action outside of bankruptcy; the ramifications of the Debtor’s non-disclosure of lawsuits and claims; and the impacts on state court proceedings that are property of the estate which are improperly pursued by the Debtor without the chapter 7 trustee’s participation.