Business & Commercial Real Estate

Our clients include closely held business entities and parties to commercial real estate transactions.

Closely Held Business Entities

Clients starting new businesses need special attention and our Firm offers a full range of services from inception to retirement to insure those needs are met.

In conjunction with financial advisors we assist clients in selecting the entity best suited to their purpose. These include:

We advise clients about and, when appropriate, prepare:

and other documents designed to aid and ensure proper governance of the entity and to provide for a smooth transition in the event of a change of ownership.

Conversely, if a business is no longer viable or a change of ownership is advantageous, we also assist our clients with liquidation and dissolution of business entities, and regularly handle stock purchases, mergers, asset acquisitions and sales.

On a continuing basis, we perform annual reviews of business activities, and act as keeper of the corporate records and general counsel to the business and its owners.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our Firm represents landlords, tenants, purchasers and sellers of commercial real estate with a “results” oriented approach. Beginning with the initial negotiations we advise clients of unforeseen risks and opportunities. We then prepare or review appropriate documents which may include:

We are always mindful that our client’s goal is to complete the proposed transaction on favorable terms. We view our role as assisting our clients to achieve that objective, while ensuring that their legitimate interests are protected.