Insolvency & Asset Protection

Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Insolvency

Bankruptcy & State Court Insolvency Proceedings

The Taunt Law Firm represents clients in all facets of insolvency law including assignments for the benefit of creditors, Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations, Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidations for individuals and businesses, and when appropriate Chapter 13 bankruptcy asset protection proceedings.  We represent:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13:

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors:

Out of Court Work-Outs

Out-of-court-workouts are used when feasible, sometimes enabling a more efficient restructuring or liquidation with associated decrease in costs and delays of a court supervised process.

Asset Protection

Professional and business pursuits often entail significant risks for which the individuals may be held personally liable.  Individuals who have worked hard to provide financial security for themselves and their families often wish to explore alternative measures to protect that security in the event of unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.  Our unique combination of experience in the areas of estate and business planning and bankruptcy and insolvency enables us to effectively plan for and protect against these circumstances.   These methods are typically most effective when implemented well in advance of difficult circumstances and in conjunction with a comprehensive business and estate plan.