Obi Launches

Obi™ launches!

In addition to the two national political conventions, July witnessed the release of Obi™, an independent feeding device for persons suffering from paralysis and neuromuscular disease.

Obi™ was invented by Jon Dekar, who was inspired by the experiences of his grandfather (who suffered from ALS/Lou Gehrigs Disease) and a young paraplegic girl whose parents sought help from the University of Dayton when Jon was an engineering student.

Jon and his father Tom founded Independent Feeding Device, LLC, Dekar Technologies and Desin, Inc. to secure the patents, develop the technology and bring Obi™ to reality.

We are very proud to have served as legal counsel to Jon, Tom and their businesses and to have had a small part in bringing Obi™ to those in need.

For more information and for a short demonstration, click below.