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Real estate and business matters require a lawyer with experience and an understanding of real estate transactions. They also need to have a working knowledge of business, commercial, and real estate law. Your attorney should be familiar with the loan process, lending considerations, commercial transactions, and more.

The Taunt Law Firm has experience with every aspect of business law and real estate transactions. Our clients include individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses throughout Michigan.

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Tailored Services for Businesses of Every Size

The Taunt Law Firm works with many clients starting new businesses. Our business law services cover everything from inception to retirement to ensure your needs are met.

We work closely with financial advisors and accountants to help our clients pick the entity best suited to their purpose & needs. These include "C" corporations, sub-chapter S corporations, and limited liability companies.

Our commercial law attorneys guide clients with thorough advice and prepare legal documents when needed. This can include operating agreements, by-laws, articles of incorporation, business trusts, and more.

If a business is no longer viable or our client wants to sell their company, we work with them through the liquidation or dissolution of business entities. We navigate mergers, sales, and asset acquisitions.

Our legal team also has experience performing annual reviews of business activities. We act as keepers of corporate records and general counsel to many business and their owners.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

It can be challenging to go through a real estate transaction. Our real estate lawyers provide sound legal advice, document preparation, and assistance through closing.

Our law firm represents purchasers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. We have a results-driven approach.

Our team starts working with our clients during the initial negotiations. We then prepare or review documents, including:

Purchase Agreements

Land Contracts

Financing Documents

Title Insurance Policies



Closing Statements

Sworn Statements and Lien Discharges

Our goal is to help our clients complete their transactions as efficiently as possible.

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The Taunt Law Firm, located in Birmingham, Michigan, offers legal advice and services to clients throughout Michigan. We strive to help our clients achieve the best possible results. Place your trust in the legal team at the Taunt Law Firm.