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Numerous issues may arise when owning and running a business. When legal issues or a lawsuit threaten your livelihood, it's important to protect yourself with an experienced litigation lawyer.

While prior planning may help you avoid unnecessary litigation, we will provide you with aggressive and experienced representation if litigation becomes necessary.

You don't have to handle these unpleasant situations alone. Don't let them ruin your livelihood. Take action by contacting an experienced litigation lawyer in Birmingham.

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Comprehensive Business Litigation Services

There are multiple types of legal disputes a company can find itself involved in. Lawsuits against your business may be initiated by customers, employees, competitors, and more.

Business owners should turn to a business litigation law firm to help resolve matters when issues can't get solved internally.

Our business litigation and company dissolution lawyers have experience working with multiple business matters, such as:

Contract claims

Shareholder disputes

Alter ego/successor corporation liability

Real property disputes

Pursuing or defending construction lien foreclosure actions

The efficient collection of outstanding receivables

Business litigation falls under the umbrella of civil law, not criminal law. Civil cases typically entail one party suing the other to protect or enforce their legal rights.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, our team of business litigation lawyers have the expertise to help you navigate it.

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At Taunt Law Firm, we have extensive litigation experience. We've practiced in both the state and federal court systems and successfully pursued numerous cases to the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our lawyers will empathetically, aggressively, and assertively defend your rights and interests. We're committed to serving our clients in both prosecuting and defending lawsuits.